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Development of V2X applications for innovative in-vehicle functions

Fev Italia Srl

Period 6 months
Place GMRL – Green Mobility Research Lab
Facoltà di Ingegneria
via Umberto Terracini 28 – 40131 Bologna
Description Nowadays, V2X (Vehcicle to Everithing) features are more and more implemented on-board in order to enable advanced in-vehicle applications, in fields such as safety, energy efficient mobility and autonomous driving. The candidate will focus on the development of such V2X functionality. V2X connectivity will be used in order to make the vehicle communicate with the surrounding environment. At this aim, the candidate will develop and set up a realistic simulation scenarios by means of commercial software. Moreover, a co-simulation phase involving the On-board Units (OBU) and Road-side Units (RSU) will be performed for V2X feature’s development, testing and validation.
All the project will be supervised by FEV engineers and PhD students.
Requirements ? Educational background in Telecommunication engineering, Electronic engineerin, computer engineering, computer science.
? Good knowledge of CAPL, C#, Python
? Optional: Matlab, Simulink
? Good knowledge of TCP/IP, UDP/IP, MQTT
? Knowledge in ITS-G5, WAVE, APAC, LTE, NR protocol stacks
? Good English language skills in speaking and writing
? High motivation and commitment

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